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Guarantee and exchange

Strings & Things  Guarantee and exchange

1 Goods may be exchanged within 8 (eight) days of the invoice date, provided that the seal of the packaging has not been broken, damaged and/or resealed. The buyer is aware that hair extensions belong to the group of cosmetics and for hygiene reasons Seiseta hair extensions does not need to accept them for exchange if the packaging has been broken, damaged and/or resealed.


2 Seiseta hair extensions will not provide compensation in any event, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.


3 Shipping costs and other costs incurred to exchange goods will be payable by the buyer.


4 The buyer is obliged to check whether the delivered items comply with the order. Any differences in color and/or texture of the products, to the extent acceptable, do not constitute a valid reason for returning the products. If such difference is not acceptable, the buyer must report this via e-mail to Seiseta hair extensions within 8 (eight) days of delivery, stating the name of the buyer, the order number and a clear explanation of why the item is not satisfactory. Seiseta hair extensions will replace the item or cancel the payment if it has been demonstrated that the item is not accepted for valid reasons. If a defect is not reported within this period, any claim against Seiseta hair extensions with regard to any defect will lapse.


5 Seiseta hair extensions may never be held responsible for loss sustained by incorrect shipments with incorrect items.


6 Seiseta hair extensions reserves the right at all times to change prices, packaging, contents of packaging, models and colors.


7 Seiseta hair extensions does not exchange products and/or grant compensation for used goods.


8 A return shipment will not be exchanged until it has been received and approved by Seiseta hair extensions.


9 Complaints about quality must be reported in writing within 14 (fourteen) days of purchase, with a clear explanation of the complaint. If a defect is not reported within this period, any claim against Seiseta hair extensions with regard to any defect will lapse.


10 Seiseta hair extensions will only handle complaints from official buyers whose details are in the customer database.


11 The buyer is obliged to render all cooperation to Seiseta hair extensions that is necessary to solve the complaint in all reasonableness.


12 To handle the complaint, all products/hair extensions must be returned within 14 (fourteen) days of the date of purchase. Products that are not returned within this period will not qualify for complaint handling. Individual extensions or partial deliveries will not be accepted as a full complaint.


13 If there is any doubt about the product during the treatment, treatment must be ceased immediately and Seiseta hair extensions must be contacted.


14 Products that have been chemically treated do not qualify for complaint handling. Chemical treatment (i.e. perms and coloring) of the hair is at the buyer’s risk.


15 The products which are not used in accordance of their use and maintenance do not qualify for a complaint handling.


16 Seiseta hair extensions does not provide a guarantee for the customer’s wrong choice of colour or texture.


17 Seiseta hair extensions does not provide a guarantee for an application system that the customer experiences to be unpleasant.


18 Seiseta hair extensions does not provide a guarantee for the incorrect use/care of products. All products/hair extensions should be treated with the products of Silk-System Professional to qualify for warranty.


19 Stress, pregnancy and use of medication may increase the loss of hair extensions. For this reason, we discourage the use of hair extensions if the above applies to you. In that case, wearing hair extensions is at the customer’s own risk.


20 Seiseta hair extensions is not liable for the work carried out by third parties.


21 Return shipment is not a guarantee for compensation.


22 Compensation only consists of a product similar to the purchased product and not a refund of money or costs incurred by third parties.


23 Complaints that are rejected will not be subject to debate.


24 The following rules apply to all return shipments:

Send an e-mail to stating your name, invoice number and the reason for the return shipment.


25 Costs for return shipments are payable by the buyer, unless Seiseta hair extensions has made an incorrect delivery.


26 If the shipment is not returned by registered post, the buyer will bear the risk.


27 Seiseta hair extensions is not responsible for the loss or delay of a return shipment.


28 Seiseta hair extensions will not accept any return shipments that are underpaid or unstamped.


29 The buyer must package the items in such a manner as to avoid damage.


30 Ownership of the delivered products passes after the buyer has made all payments to Seiseta hair extensions.


31 The buyer must indemnify Seiseta hair extensions against any liability on the part of Seiseta hair extensions vis-à-vis third parties with respect to the items delivered by Seiseta hair extensions.