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Nowadays hairdressers and stylists are looking to generate additional income by diversifying their services. Offering hair extensions in your hair salon provides a new opportunity to increase both your sales and profits! To facilitate this ambition, Strings & Things (Seiseta hair Belgium) offers you different training possibilities at a low entry cost. We make it easier for you to either work with hair extensions or to improve your current knowledge.


Why start with hair extensions? Extensions are one of the most expensive items in a salon, but also one that generates the most profit. But by using our extremely fast delivery, you save the costs you would otherwise have by keeping an endless stock yourself. Phone orders placed before noon (Monday to Friday) will be delivered the following day, so …. why wait to start with it?

Course content

In just one day we’ll cover all the different steps required to apply hair extensions professionally. At the end of the day your model will be the first to market your products and skills.


The courses are organized as follows:

  1. Preparing the hair
  2. Determining with your model the colour and length combination
  3. Preparing the extensions
  4. Placing the extensions – full extension of 150 pieces
  5. The finishing touch (cut).


During the course we will see different systems, and discuss extensively the care (during the procedures) and aftercare (for your client). Naturally, our experts will give you the necessary tips and tricks.


Working with small groups, of maximum 4 students and models, ensures that each student receives an intense personal coaching.


Success is guaranteed!


The cost of a course is €300.00 (excl. VAT) per participant.

Your model pays the hair extensions at purchase price.

You decide which system you want to learn, but to start we recommend the keratin system.

During the course we will provide you with all the necessary materials/tools.

You may, afterwards, decide whether you want to buy the materials, but this is certainly not an obligation.

Practical information

Day classes (10:00 to +/- 16:00)

For practical reasons, the classes take place at the address below, only after prior telephone or email appointment:

Strings & Things

Grote Steenweg 467

2600 Berchem – Antwerpen

T +32 (0)3 3663410


If you decide to join one of our courses, you are required to bring a model with shoulder hair length (15 to 20cm).


We look forward to hearing from you soon!