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Keratine warm

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Our most popular solution consists of keratin bonds that can be inserted in both straight hair or natural curls. The keratin-system is the most comfortable system completely invisible and without flaws. The thin layer of keratin, a natural component of our hair, ensures that we can seamlessly attach the extensions to the natural hair. Since we do not damage the hair, the keratin extensions can be worn extremely long. The extensions can be easily divided in two smaller locks, allowing you micro-applications in the thinner areas or to create a highlights effects.


The 100% real Remy hair can be cut, blow dried, curled and flat-ironed – just like your own hair. The extensions are available in various lengths and the wide range of colours by type makes it easy to find a colour that perfectly matches your own.


See the step-by-step application guide and choose your color palette!



OMBRE line is our synonym for haute couture. If you want to give a natural look to your hair, OMBRE line is the perfect choice for you. It is ideal for colour effects marked out by a gradual shading bleach of the ends. The outcome is most natural, without using any chemical product.



The Crazy Colour extensions are ideal for those who wishes to follow the most extravagant trends without exposing their own hair to chemical substances. These gorgeous extensions are made in bright and fancy shades and can be applied without changing anything to your own hair.



With these naturally curly locks we offer our customers a complete hair extension assortiment. The sophisticated techniques used in the manufacturing process create a very natural looking curls.

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Colors that we use

Crazy Colors (50cm)

Ombre (50cm)