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Flat Ring-On is a new revolutionary system. It is the first system in the world that allows the application of a flat hair string using colored aluminum rings. The flat and flexible attachment gives a natural look and a comfortable feeling. We do not need to use any chemicals, glues or heat to obtain a perfect result.

Moreover, the Flat Ring-On hair extensions are a real money saver as they can be-reused up to six months when well taken care of. The aluminium rings (AR) provide for a quick and easy application of the hair extensions.


The 100% real Remy hair can be cut, blow dried, curled and flat-ironed – just like your own hair. The extensions are available in 50 cm lengths and the wide range of colours by type makes it easy to find a colour that perfectly matches your own.


See the step-by-step application guide and choose your color palette!

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